Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The purpose of this blog is to take up where Lone Star made it's departure from as it no longer espouses free political discussion and counterbalance to the Houston leftest slant unless it suits David Benzion's personal agenda and views. It's really a great misfortune as the original concept of LST was a noble one, but with all great endeavors the corrupt will exploit loopholes to make sure that their's is the only voice that is heard.

When local co0nservative talk show host Dan Patrick first set the Lone Star Times blog up he did so to counteract the extreme leftest bias of the local hometown paper know here and in the blogisphere as the Houston Crinkle or Houston Comical, but known in the rest of the world as The Houston Chronicle. He set the LST up with minimal funding and alot of voluteer help of which Benzion was one and was eventaully sold the blog for a dollar. Because there was minimal renumberation for time and effort they (Patrick, Benzion, and other founders) set the rules so that if any posters were a problem they can be thrown off. The problem is that Benzion and crew have used the rule to despense of people who were either more polically astute and more vocal about politcal realities than themselves.

This is where I come in. Historically I call a spade a spade and I have no use for political correctness. So during the political discussions on LST of the '08 Presidential Campaign I had pointed out that at the time the only way to eliminate then candidate Barack Obama would be if "White sheetheads" were to act. My use of words was purposful as I was making it clear that I do not espouse or respect said "White Sheetheads" (A.KA. the KKK, and other pro-white ethnocentric "Hate" groups.) or the idea of assasination. My reward for my honesty? To be banned. The Irony? Not four weeks later the Secret Service bagged some pro-white teens in Tenessee attempting exactly what I had fortold.

I attempted to contact David Benzion multiple times in an attempt to appeal his decision; however, he never responded. my main request was to be restored to posting status so I could be heard and to fully explain my posting.
Additionally, in my attempt to be heard I discovered that he had further locked down LST so that all new posters required prior personal approval. It was at this point that I realized that being factually honest and fair had no meaning to these people and that they have resorted to the same tactics that they accuse liberals of using.

Although I have no where near the funding that they are generating I've decided that maybe it was time for my own political discussion blog to keep the facts straight.